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Ages a week is all it takes 5 minutes per page tops for it all to sink in without making them feel they are doing any work Book 2 can start when they ave done about 2 or 3 terms of weekly lessons This series is great I got this as soon as I d looked at the First Theory book and. K by Lina Ng This is the best favorite.

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Advised to bug this by my daughters piano teacher Very appy Handy for making sure the children understand time signatures value of each note and for learning note names in both bass and treble clef A fun way for them to get their theory done and not time consuming A couple of Amazing PDF Epub, My Second Theory Boo.

The exercises in it are perfect for reinforcing music theory learning from piano lessons in a fun and accessible way My kid loves doing the exercises They do two pages a day along with 10 20 mins on the piano and it makes a great structure for our ome practice outside of lessons. Book with over 762 readers online er.

BOOKS EBOOK My Second Theory Book –

Lina Ng on My Second Theory Book